Software Academy

We bring people and technology together to solve complex world problems.

Academy for Software Engineering

We are a social impact driven organization.

We believe that software technology has the power to engage and motivate people to solve critical global issues—issues like climate change, hunger, human rights, clean water, renewable energy, health care, and education.

We engineer the software for good humans doing good things for people and the planet. Most often, that means partnering with social enterprises, large nonprofits, startups, educational institutions, and corporations to engineer change in industries like renewable energy, cleantech, biotech, healthcare, education, retail and agriculture. But, every “good” opportunity looks a little different, and we’re always excited to meet people with new or interesting ideas. Like yours, for instance.

If you’re interested in doing something that is mission driven, or using your skills to do good and have positive social impact, where do you go from there? How do you find an organization that utilizes your unique and powerful skill set, while also making a positive social impact?

Together, we can change the world.


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