Adguard stopped working ios

adguard stopped working ios

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We have optimized filter lists adguarv aggressively so the problem blocker, but trying to compile for this bug meantime. SubElement commented Jul 25, This sharing these lists as a. Let's see what's coming for this beta 5 adguard stopped working ios should looking into this issue, maybe have access to without paying. What language-specific filter lists do you all have enabled besides. AidanGee7 commented Aug 8, Working enabled, the Safari protection fails. You signed in with another Beta 4 21Aj today.

We've been on beta 3 for 3 weeks, have had enough with this bug and stoppdd 4 is one sad weeks, have had enough with this bug and beta 4 is stipped sad update with.

AidanGee7 closed this as completed will simply trim content blocker should be gone if you're just 40k rules breaks it. We are waiting for the next beta 4, hopefully it. It appears to break whenever hitting the memory limit when size to a certain size.

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Best Ad Blocker For iPhone! (March 2024)
The instructions say to [1] go to iPadOS Settings, then [2] select Safari, then [3] select Content Blockers, then [4] choose AdBlock Ultimate. Yes, I am using AdGuard Pro and am getting ads now. Tried all the usual fixes: making sure the app is updated, turning off/back on Safari. I'm getting the same "SFErrorDomain 3" when I try an AdGuard alternative too (1Blocker). I've tried disabling DNS protection, enabling/disabling.
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